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This is general information relating to known pioneering Blore families in Australia. Families who arrived in the1800's. More recent individuals have arrived and information about these will hopefully be added in the future.

There appears to have been four main families. Two in New South Wales and two in Victoria, the two dominant states in the early development of Australia.

Families -in no special order

Maffra and Sale (Gippsland, Victoria) Blores, now extinguished by name, were descended from Daniel Blore, born in Nottingham 1805 and arrived in New South Wales 1836. Information pertaining to this family was first collated by Greg Blore and stated in a letter to Joan Blore (from the Tibooburra, NSW Blores) in 1973.

An 80 page document has been collated by Leo Blore 2017-2018 relating to this family after an old bible of the family was found, an attempts made to return to family.

A very early settler and farming family of Newry, near Maffra. Those in this family either died early, or those that lived to a great age, never married.

Tibooburra (west Darling River of New South Wales) Blore family

(Password site. If you are interested email Leo Blore)

These families were descended from Frederick Blore born London 1823 and arrived in Adelaide 1852. Documented information goes back as far as William and Elizabeth Blore 1750's, Littleton, South west London. Their children operated businesses in Westminster; Knightsbridge, Mayfair, Picaddilly, such as building buinesses, 'Greyhound Pub', funeral business, statue supply etc. Though to be a cousin of Edward Blore, the architect, who lived nearby, who designed the East face of Buckingham palace for Queen Victoria, the choiry in Wesminster Abbey, and other buildings across England, a palace in Russia and as far as Government House in Sydney.

Still with connections to the area but also settled throughout NSW, SA, VIC and the NT.

Heyfield (Gippsland, Victoria) Blore family

Mostly now settled in Melbourne and other parts of Victoria and the east coast and were descended from George Thomas Blore from Derbyshire who first arrived in Tasmania. Sue Hayward is a descendant and Len Makin is a cousin "investigating the Blores".

Taree (coast of New South Wales north of Newcastle) Blores were descended from Edward Blore who first arrived in Tasmania. More to come here....

More detail will be added to these Blore families soon...

More recent Families

Russel Blore -Melbourne

Received an email from Russell Blore in Melbourne, July 2000 (one of the 7 in the phone book... all the others are related I believe).... I also spoke to him on the phone and he told me that his father says one of his grandfathers brothers (I think it was!) migrated to Buffalo (USA) and another to South Africa. A copy of his information is as follows...

"Gi'day to who ever opens this message. My name is Russell Blore and
I live in Melbourne, Australia. I'm 32 and married with 1 daughter,
and 1 son. For years I've wanted to know if I have any relatives,
anywhere in the world. My father, Colin Blore, migrated here in
1966, with his second wife. He was brought up in Barnet and has 2
children from his first marriage, Sara, and Richard, both live in

To make the search a little easier I've milked some information out
of my Dad about his parents, grandparents etc. His ancestory is as

Father: Leslie George Blore, born 11/7 or 8/1893.

Mother: Dorothy Agnus Blore (nee Butler), born 11/1/1894.

Grandfather: George Blore, born sometime in 1864.

Grandfather on his mothers side: Henry Paul Butler, born 1864/5.

Grandmother on his mothers side: Florence Butler (maiden unknown).

Thats as much as I can get. So does anyone recognise any of these
names? If your online and have just discovered you have a cousin,
nephew or what ever in the great southern land of Australia, namely
me, please Email me at or .
It would be marvelous to know I have family other than immediate, and
learn a little more of my heritage.

Thankyou to who ever responds. I look forward to knowing you.

Sincerely yours

Russell John Blore. "

The following information was found at the "scotslink" site...

[13] REID Andrew Ross b. 8 Nov 1834 Scotland m. (1) 1854 "Victoria" Mary MADDISON. Issue: Eliza Hunter b. Darlington 1856; Mary Mathieson b. 1860 and Isabella Laurie b. 1862, both at "Tera" VIC. What happened to his first family? Married (2) Emma Elizabeth BLORE in New Zealand 1867. Issue: Hannah Wain 1868, Agnes Ravin, Emma, Andrew Ross, Isabella, *John Blore b. 1876-7. Came back to NSW Australia between 1876-9 and issue born Casino area: Mary 1879, Robert Laurie, Eliza Flora, James Blore. My grandfather *John Blore REID m. Elizabeth COLLINS & had twelve children born in the Casino area. One son, Andrew George REID (married) Alice SITMARSH, parents of: Dorothy M. Wood, PO Box 159, Silkwood, QLD 4856, Australia.

Found recently.... on an Altavista site... written to Tom Blore in Canada. The bigpond email address is obsolete so have not been able to contact Graeme.

Hullo from the Land Down Under Tom. My fathers name is George Loughlin Blore. His grandfather came out to Oz from England, but I don't have details to hand. If you require any further details, E-Mail me.
Best wishes,

Alf Blore -Tasmania

"A boat designed by Alf Blore and built by Percy Coverdale at Battery Point, Tasmania, the 54 foot boat has Blue Gum frames..."

Found on the net at

Where does Alf fit in??? Anybody know.???

Is this the same Alf or Arthur Blore who worked on the paddle boats at Mildura and Wentworth around the 1970's 1980's... known as "Spring Heeled Jack" due to the spring in his step as he walked?

John Blore -Sydney

This message was found at posted 5th Oct 2004

"Searching for details of John Blore and ancestors and descendents. Born England c. 1820 he was a tinsmith. Married in Sydney, Australia 1868 to Ann Hall. John died 1899 in Sydney. His father is believed to be Solomon Blore. Ann was a widow (married name Lambert) when she married John Hall. Ann had 5 children from the previous marriage and Ann and John had two Blore children. A girl either Elizabeth or Ida and a son, Daniel James (aka James Daniel) Cooper Blore, born 15.04.1872 near Grafton Australia. Daniel is my grandfather. "

Info on John Blore - NSW Probate

No. Series Name Residence Date of Death  
18253 4 Blore, John Auburn 22-6-1899 Passed

NSW Marriage

Year Name   Name   Vol. No.
18253 BLORE John Anne Lambert   1324

NSW Death

Year Name   No. Father Mother
1890-1899 Blore John 99 05730 Solomon Died Auburn


Margrette looking for EMMA ELIZABETH BLORE descendants

Dear Leo,thankyou so much for getting back to me,I will write to Mrs Wood and she what happens.
What info I have so far has come from LDS,Genes Reunited,my parents and luck.
My parents are Emma's grt grandchildren.
So here's what I have so far;

Emma Elizabeth Blore; born, unknown, died; Casino,NSW,Aust 189? HUSBAND;
Andrew Ross Reid; born, 1834, Scotland, died; 189? Reids Creek,NSW,Aust.
Married; Nelson, N.Z. 1867. I don't know when they came to Aus.

Annie Reid 1868 NZ; Agnes Reid 1870 NZ; Emma Elizabeth 1871 Akaroa, NZ,[my Grt Grandmother] ; Andrew Ross 1873 NZ; Isabella 1875 NZ;
John Blore 1876 NZ; Mary Blore 1879 Codrington,NSW; Robert Laurie 1881 Codrington,NSW; Eliza Hunter 1883 Codrington,NSW; Florence Ross 1885 Codrington,NSW; Reid 1887-1887 Codrington,NSW.

I would appreciate you putting a message on the site for me.
As usual,we never seem to want to do the genealogy thing when people are around to ask,we leave it till they've passed on.

What I'd like to find out is whether the other siblings got married and whatnot and try to find any other ancestors.

I hope this helps,and thankyou again for your taking the time to answer my email,I hope to talk to you soon.

Warmest regards, Margrette.