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1. Caroline Blore entered Australia at Port Adelaide on the Minerva ship on the 19/12/1849

2. The following was sent to the Blo(o)r(e) Society by Russel Blore of Melbourne.

"Gi'day to who ever opens this message. My name is Russell Blore and
> I live in Melbourne, Australia. I'm 32 and married with 1 daughter,
> and 1 son. For years I've wanted to know if I have any relatives,
> anywhere in the world. My father, Colin Blore, migrated here in
> 1966, with his second wife. He was brought up in Barnet and has 2
> children from his first marriage, Sara, and Richard, both live in
> Essex.
> To make the search a little easier I've milked some information out
> of my Dad about his parents, grandparents etc. His ancestory is as
> follows.
> Father: Leslie George Blore, born 11/7 or 8/1893.
> Mother: Dorothy Agnus Blore (nee Butler), born 11/1/1894.
> Grandfather: George Blore, born sometime in 1864.
> Grandfather on his mothers side: Henry Paul Butler, born 1864/5.
> Grandmother on his mothers side: Florence Butler (maiden unknown).
> That's as much as I can get. So does anyone recognise any of these
> names? If you're online and have just discovered you have a cousin,
> nephew or what ever in the great southern land of Australia, namely
> me, please Email me at rblore@start.com.au or rblore@gonnect.net .
> It would be marvelous to know I have family other than immediate, and
> learn a little more of my heritage.
> Thankyou to who ever responds. I look forward to knowing you.
> Sincerely yours,
> Russell John Blore."

3. This was sent to the Society also, from Harriet Blore, England. Does anyone have any info on Richard Blore?????????????

" Hi, my name is Harriet Blore and we are trying to trace decendants of Richard
Blore who went to Oz in 1800's.
Watch this space while I find out more dates and details for you.
H arriet."

'"The Richard we need was born aprox 1796 son of John and Betty Sheldon 1766-1842, born at Callinglow, Youlegreave."

"He left his family to go to OZ and sent them a letter when he arrived with
no forwarding address!! (we have the letters) so they lost touch with him!!
I am going to check the public records here in London.
As for the rest of our tree, we have solved quite a lot, and have found
direct distant cousins in USA and have met with them.We can go back to about
1660. Richard is one of the brothers from the same family as us and the ones
in USA, if you get what I mean??!!
Anyway, and so it goes on, there are actually a lot of blore/oor/owers in the
UK , but not all related. It means 'strong burst of wind!!''***** or windy
N ice and English!"

(...have just met) ...face to face with Walter B. from F. USA, who we have been in touch with for maybe a year now, and have all just met for the first time at my parents home.UK. It was weird and facinating to meet with such a distant relation!

He is our direct decendant from Callinglow Derby, our GGGGGGGrandfathers were brothers. And is who my sister T. went to stay with on her way to OZ on her trip...and we are both looking for the same Richard.
He also thinks there maybe a family conection to you as Watershed is nine miles from Callinglow, but I suppose he has mentioned all that, anyway i hope we can connect more people soon.

Harriet A.
nee Blore" (Names removed to protect privacy)

"Hi, brief one, Callinglow is a farm (see attatched) where our ancestors (that is ours not yours!) lived for a few generations, and walter and 'our' gggg etc fathers were born. The farm was rented from the Duke of Devonshire, Chatsworth Estate.
Richard was another brother of 'our ' gggfathers.
T here is a family graveyard in the local village of Youlegreave 15 miles from Ashbourne , where walt and ourselves have visited on separate OCCASIONS...WIERD.
WHEN YOU GET THIS CLOSE AND ALL THE INFO, YOU GET (..woops shouting..hit capslock.)
you get very attatched to their memory ,and feel a duty to know all about them."